Count to 10 and then start again because I’m STILL STRESSED OUT

Taylor starts his new job in Philly in two weeks. Meanwhile, Debbie Jo Jr. gave a months notice at her job because she works in public service and has a major GUILT COMPLEX. We also live almost two hours away from Philly so someone is definitely commuting for awhile and nose goes. (Taylor = sucker\loser guy).

In other news, I haven’t applied to any jobs or looked at any apartments and I’m one more gut-wrenching “I have to quit helping your kid because I’m moving” conversation away from putting the kind of Craigslist ad up that says…

“Looking for 2-bedroom apartment in the city where minimal stabbing takes place on a weekly basis, and also needs job that wants someone with 5 years of special needs education experience. I have a snake and four bass guitars to trade.”

Maybe I should “Go for it.”

Yeah I just wanted to end with another “quote.”


“Its almost Friday.”
“Thank God. Because SHE’S LOSING IT.”

The end.


“HERE I GO AGAIN ON MY OWWWWN.” -Debbie, 26, living room

I’m so glad my nun/physician assistant retired in September because since I’m MOVING TO PHILADELPHIA in a month with two mother-loving cats, Lola the Dog and that guy I married, I really only need to find a new hairdresser.

Where should we live? I look up Philadelphia rentals and I don’t know what I’m even looking for. Except for that I’m looking for a dishwasher. Are there any safe neighborhoods in Philly? My Philly acquaintances would say yes, my older brother would say “furrow brows and shrug.” He’s not a very vocal guy. But he has great hair for being 51 years old, so I look forward to my hair future.

I can ask around. I mean we have time. Like a month. That’s a lot of time in dog years…

P.S. I applied to Uber and Postmate, and I’m on the market to walk your dog. Market meaning, if you’re clairvoyant you got my application and you’ll know what it’s regarding (dog walking).

Breathing heavy and leaving now,

Blogging tips: Don’t force it

I decided to skip Blogging 101 because if you googled “Blogging 101″ your computer would stop working from the 195924958298529 posts out there.

That said, here’s a (not very) quick overview of the aforementioned tips (blogging 102 tips are at the bottom):

Comment, comment, comment.

  • Comment on other people’s blogs with real, nice juicy comments. The one where you show you’re a real thinker. Don’t spam. Leave a single link if you really have to, but if you want to be really cool, just leave a comment by itself (your name should already be linked to your blog). 
  • No other self-promotion necessary, because you already left it with your sincere, witty or just really awesomestarship comment. 
  • Reply to comments on your own blog too. No one likes to feel like they’re talking to an empty room (that you just dropped your diary in for people to read and then bolted).

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

  • Follow your favorite bloggers (big and small). Pretend you are at a massive bloggy party and there are circles of girls everywhere and you’re by yourself. Scary, no? Jump in my friend. It is scary to reply to someone that you don’t know. It’s like jumping into a circle and randomly joining the conversation. 
  • But the nice girls will reply back once in awhile (or all the time). Be friends with them. Follow their blogs. Carve their names on your wall. No, don’t do that.

Blog, blog, blog.

  • Be consistent. Blog all the damn time. People come back to blogs more than once a day. If you can, blog twice a day. Schedule your posts for early morning and one for early afternoon. People visit blogs on weekdays (mostly Wednesdays) and in the morning before work (according to articles I’ve read on the topic). 
  • You’re not scamming the system if you’re taking advantage of a time when people are most likely to read your post. You want to make sure that your content goes out at the right time, every time. 
  • Blog about things you like, period. Find your niche (food, decor, life, fashion) and approach it like each post is a great representation of your biggest loves in life. Include at least one picture per post, and make multiple pictures have the same width. Do not photo dump. Do not show a big wall of text. Break it up.

Market, market, market yourself.

  • Sponsor other blogs. Swap ads with smaller bloggers who offer it (or ask, the worst they can say is no, which is only sort of horrifying). 
  • Tweet your blog posts with a title and a short link and give a clue about what your post is either a) about and/or b) who/what you’re talking about. If you did an outfit post, it’s definitely cool to link to the company’s twitter (’cause they might even retweet it)
  • Lots of people have Facebook blocked from their work computers. If you have a Facebook fan page, update it early in the day, mid-day for those who this doesn’t effect and later at night.

Blogging 102: Don’t force it

  • Blog when you feel like it. When you force it, it will come across like you are. I’ve gone to so many blogs that are on breaks from blogging because they went a long time force-writing their posts and they can’t do it anymore. Before you get there, take a breather and step back.
  • If you get to the point where you feel guilty about not posting all the time, take a break. Ask someone to guest post for you while you’re gone. Or do an easier post that includes pictures of decor, quotes or fashion related pictures that make you go whoa. Or be honest and tell your readers that you’re taking a short break. Say you’re going to scale back for a short-time or a long-time. 
  • Whatever you do, be honest with yourself and your readers. Continue to be consistent, whether it’s scaling back to five posts a week from 10 or one post a week from five. Come back to a higher number of posts per week when you can deal with it.
  • Don’t force yourself to connect with a hundred blogs a day. And especially don’t force yourself to connect with people you don’t actually see yourself liking or being friends with. 
  • When I had a fashion blog a year ago, I was obsessed with gaining followers. I would leave comments and follow people that I may have not had a huge interest in. I had over 100 followers and less than 5 comments per post (and a majority of them were not substantial). 
  • You want to gain genuine followers. Quality over quantity. Your numbers will grow more slowly, but each one gained should have somewhat of an active interest in your blog.
  • One of the best blogging tips I’ve read is from Elizabeth: “Write like you’re talking to your friends.” This is going to make you sound like you.
What kind of blog are you trying to have?
One to gain followers, one to make friends with the blogging community? Answering this question is going to help you determine your direction.
It’s going to make the difference between putting in more or less time, being consistent, branching out and connecting with other people.
Your blog and my blog is one of a million other blogs. Without putting feelers out there to connect with other bloggers and readers, you won’t meet all the amazing people who are blogging right along with you.
**See my other blogging tips on sponsoring blogs

P.S. Check out my giveaway going on over at Lady Lee in Process for a free blog design!

A Halloween party

useWelcome to Halloween a la the Hadley-Roberts and Roberts household. I’m just kidding. I haven’t changed my name yet.

use3Picnik collage2use4Picnik collage3lizanrwjrefgw
At the Mini Guesthouse Halloween party be prepared to…
  • come in to find me still hemming my costume. “It’ll just be a couple more minutes. I don’t really know what I’m doing.” 
  • find a needle in the couch. “Debbie, I just found a needle in your couch.” “It’s part of the decor. Also, you can give that to me.”
  • go to the bathroom with a cat [who were placed there for "not-darting-out-the-front-door" reasons] “Debbie, I just freaked out seeing red eyes behind the toilet. I thought your bathroom had a devil inside it.” 
  • carve the same pumpkin with at least two other people “I just want to stab it again!” 
  • be forced to drink out of bombs with curly straws “The best part is filling it up!” 
  • get glittered “Chelo, wanna get glitterred?” “Um yes. Excuse me, I need to go get glittered.” 
  • pin the tail on the black cat “I’m going to spin you four times!” “Hey wait, you’re pinning me more than that! Ahhhhhhh.” 
  • decorate a cake “What smells so good?” “We’re baking a cake. All parties should have cakes baking in the middle of them, it smells delicious in here. Wanna help decorate later?” 
  • find Frank and Liz Lemon making out by the parked cars out front “I don’t know what happened but I followed Miki out to the car, and she and David started making out so I came back here to tell you!” 
  • watch the Halloween episode from the first season of Community on loop “Let’s watch the Halloween episode again!” “NO. It’s already been on twice. We’re skipping ahead to the paintball episode.” 
  • have a surprise visit from “The Pancho Girls.” They will help you take shots. “Uno, dos, tres, UNO!”
  • hear a Jennifer Weiner book on tape “Quick Taylor, fix the iPod shuffle! And make it play more Britney Spears.”
  • find me drawing the Star Trek emblem from memory “I dunno Debbie, it looks more like a tooth.”
  • Party-goer’s testimonials (via Facebook the next morning):

  • I don’t need to wear eye shadow today. Why? Because my eyes are lined with residual glitter. I love it.
  • I woke up and it looked like I sweat glitter in my sleep.
  • That was fun! Especially the tipsy/drunk “Pin the Tail on the Black Cat”
  • I think we did good.

    The introductions, v. 1

    And then you knew my middle name.

    Not too bad right? It’s not like it’s “John” or something. Then you might question other things about me.


    I want to know you, all ye lurkers. I see you out there pushing your glasses up and then getting back to brushing your cat. No, not all my readers are Debbie-clones?

    I guess you guys could be different, whatever. I’ll start.

    Mini bio:
    Born in CA, I was a missionary kid for awhile living in the middle east. I’ve called Arizona home since the age of seven and when I was still watching too much Barney. Graduated high school, will never ever graduate college, got cats, got married, will move to slightly bigger home soon or I will murder.

    Growing up I was obsessed with:
    Spice Girls and No Doubt
    The Goofy Movie and That Thing You Do!
    Total Request Live and Hey Arnold!
    Anything by Roald Dahl
    Christmas and my birthday

    Now I’m into:
    Dexter and Community
    Foster the People and Florence and the Machine
    Down with Love and Bridget Jones Diary
    Harry Potter like whoa
    Christmas, my birthday and V-day

    Spill it, people. I want to know about you ’cause I like you ’cause you read me and I want to see you out from your hide-y holes.

    Dressing for a date

     Top: Vintage via Buffalo Exchange

    Shorts: Forever 21

    Bag & shoes: Target

    Remember that one time when I was a big fat liar and didn’t post any “Lookbook” business the other day? And when “the other day” was actually yesterday? Sorry about that. My neglect-the-blog kharma came swiftly. I went to work with this outfit and K got super mad and almost ripped my shirt. Like on three different occasions.

    I was even excited about posting this yesterday ’cause I was going to talk about how I got dressed up for a Skype date with my new blog bff Alana. Oh sorry, Alana. I guess I didn’t tell you about our new bff status. Is this kinda like saying “I love you” too soon? And when the other person replies with a high-five and “Awesomesauce!”

    And since we only started talking two days ago?

    Well. Not much I can do about it now.


    Costume choosing, part two

    Awhile ago, and by that I mean two weeks ago, I talked about possible costume choices. I thought that I could be a polar bear whore or maybe Mary Poppins. And yes, you should go read about that.

    I finally came to a conclusion, and it turned out that what I’ll be wearing wasn’t any of the things I mentioned in that post.

    Instead, I decided to geek out and go to my Halloween party as a USS Enterprise crew member from the original Star Trek series. This means a mini dress, knee-high boots and sheer tights. And 60’s hair. The hair may or may not be my favorite part.

    The hair is definitely my favorite part.
    Picnik collage3

    b6f49__Lieutenant-Commander-Nyota-UhuraSo faboosh, am I right?

    For Taylor, I’m thinking Michael Cera? Right? I mean, they are obvi twinsies (plus he agreed to it):
    Picnik collage I would’ve put him in a t-shirt like these, but in his words “those are cop-out costumes” says the man who will be wearing the clothes he already owns as a Halloween costume:
    Picnik collage2
    He’s not into costumes, people. I introduced the idea of going as Spock and he said some bad words.

    My mother reads this, I will not repeat the bad words.

    And no, I didn’t forget to get something for the cats.

    Link bytes (things I love)

    I have some presents for you…!
    My future office space (can we say clutterific?)


    both via Asos’ virtual sale rack

    apple pies

    Making these sweet mini apple pies soon! Yummers.


    Love these DIYs: sweater leather patch and hair bow.


    This home ec e-course is only $50 & once bought, it never expires! Sewalldaylong
    Cheap (and lovely) homemade art to adorn our walls soon (once made)



    DSW and Modcloth must-have shoes for fall (among others, of course)


    [9] + [10] 
    Mod-esque paintings of flower pots and kitties
    (Pssst… somebody looks like Phoebeee)

    And best blogger on Humpday goes to…? 
    P.S. Swing by later for a new Lookbook post!

    P.S.S. I included part two of Blogging tips: Sponsoring to yesterday’s post. See it here.

    A day in a (real) newsroom

    Note: These times are an estimate. I don’t really log things by the minutes in my spare time. That would be weird.

    11:34 a.m. I enter the building. I HAVE ARRIVED. I quitely go to my desk and drop my things off and turn on the computer. I say “Hi” to NO ONE when I’m late because then no one notices me. I say “Hi” to everyone when I’m early. It is always one or the other.

    11:36 a.m. I gather my supplies: Dollar bills. Destination: Snack machine. Received: Pepsi and Rice Krispy Treat. Result: Stomach ache and slight loss of dignity.

    11:42 a.m. I go to the back office where my favorite person in the newsroom is: The Web Producer, Dan. I give him the Flipcam with the video I took on it last night of a bartender making a speciality drink at a local bar. I tell him how girly and tasty is was. I do not tell him that I got drunk off of it.

    11:52 a.m. I’m still hanging out with Dan. We are discussing blogging (for the newspaper, not this one. I keep you a seeeecret). We talk about how I should write a post on kitty cafes in Japan. I tell him this is old news. I do not tell him that I heard about them via Jane Aldrige’s blog like a year ago. This would betray my fashion blog roots I DO NOT BETRAY THEM TO OUTSIDERS.

    Noon I make it back to my desk and get hooked on an article detailing the fall TV shows that have made the cut, and the ones that haven’t. My impressions: New Girl = Kiss my Kitty on the Mouth Fantastic. Whitney = A Big Pile of Laugh Track Poo. The article does not agree with me on the last point. I close it in disgust, but also make a note to check out Two Broke Girls ASAPADAP.

    12:05 p.m. A news lady comes up to me asking if I’m going to take over her column for the week because she’s busy with “the cover story.” Rub it in. I say yes and go to the big boss editor to pitch an idea for this column. He says, “Convince me this is good.” I say, “Well, um. There’s this information…” Silence. “Do you still need more of the information?” “Yeees. You need to convince me.” I feel that this repitition of words means something. Like that I should get more of the information.

    12:11 p.m. I call a person for more information. I get a voicemail. I leave a message that goes like this:

    “Oh Hi. I’m the [newspaper name]. I mean, I’m Debbie from the [newspaper name]. I’m trying to reach, uh… [name]? I wanted to talk to you about that thing you did. Uh, you can call me back whenever. Here’s, uh my number… Kthxbye.”

    Afterward I think, “UGH. EVERY SINGLE TIME I introduce myself as [newspaper name] when I call someone. SO EMBARRASSING.”

    12:15 p.m. I update my facebook status saying, “UGH. EVERY SINGLE TIME I introduce myself as [newspaper name] when I call someone. SO EMBARRASSING.”

    12:16 p.m. I start blogging while also looking through a hundred press releases to find two events to cover for the newspaper next week.

    1:20 p.m. Find two events, have them approved. Leave for class. Still have stomach ache.

    The end.

    Riding buses

    This is via google images. This is not what Tucson buses look like.

    Well. This morning was interesting. First of all, isn’t it grand to read a post in “real time” as opposed to “I wrote this post maybe last year and you’ll never know because I’m a sneaky-ass blogger.” I don’t do that. I would never do that. Not until I’ve had dark hair for at least a year.

    This morning I had articles to turn in for my internship. My deadline was 9 a.m. so I decided to wake up early to finish them. Taylor woke up not early for school. At some point during our running around frantically, he took the car and I had to stay home to catch the bus to school.

    When he got to school, we had a little conversation about bus traveling. I’ve posted it here. Yes! You’re welcome!


    Taylor:  hey
     me:  hey
     Taylor:  what time do you
    need to be at school
     me:  1:40
     me:  thanks :D
    you’re amazing
     Taylor:  got my email? [he sent me a bus schedule]
     me:  yep
    sent in my blurbs too
    30 min late
    followed it up with “also not
    coming in today”
    can we say “fired”
     Taylor:  FIRED
    does that bus schedule make sense [says bus will come at 12:17]
     me:  I dunno I barely
    read it
     me:  will you put more
    money in my account
    i have no monies
     Taylor:  try spending
     Taylor:  so you are
    completely prepared to take the bus? no questions? or are you just going to do
    your usual “i’ll deal with it at 12:17″
     me:  :D
    How do you do that?
     Taylor:  i’m not amused.
    please ask me if you have any questions
     me:  well
    Is the first bus stop the one right
    on campbell and grant, basically?
    and is the one on 6th, the one that
    I dropped you off at that one time?
     Taylor:  yes and yes
     me:  coolies
     Taylor:  there’s pictures
    of the stops if you click on them
     me:  oh
    sounds like lots of work!
     Taylor:  and as you pay
    the $1.50, ask for a transfer
    then you won’t have to pay twice
     me:  do I have cash?
     Taylor:  do you?
     me:  yes I do
     Taylor:  there should be
    a bag of quarters laying around somewhere
    use exact change
     me:  I have dollar
     me:  i also just asked
    david for a ride
    hopefully he will save me
     Taylor:  if you put in
    two dollar bills you will not get change
     me:  good to know
    still hope david will save me

    UPDATE: At 10: 53 a.m. David said he would save me. And I high fived a million angels.

    Later today, come back and check out Village Life: A day at the patch (for pumpkins, not eyes)